Clinton Bagel Company

Extra ketchup, extra messy, extra tasty.

My favorite part of coming home is getting my hands on a bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich from Clinton Bagel Company.  In fact, I have a very personal connection with this little bagel shop because I worked there during my first years of high school.  Being at it was the place from my very first real job, it holds many wonderful – and horrible – memories, like the time I gave a man our jalapeño cream cheese instead of veggie. He wasn’t someone who could handle heat very well, and I definetly did not get a tip from him that morning. Now, Clinton Bagel serves as a must-visit when I’m home or a hungover morning meeting place after a “wild” barn party.  There is always a line out the door on the weekends with dedicated regulars coming to get their weekly dozen bagels.  They may not be the best bagels in New Jersey, but to our small town, they are everything. Check out Clinton Bagel’s location and hours of operation here.

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