Johann Lafer at the Gainsborough

A Family Affair.

I had the pleasure of experiencing Johann Lafer at the Gainsborough in Bath, England with my family when we were on a trip for a wedding last summer. Now, being that I’m a college student, this isn’t my normal type of food fare. The restaurant is a part of the Gainsborough Bath Spa, a hotel and spa just a short walk from the Roman Baths.  Though feeling a little self-conscious in my casual clothing, we were greeted warmly at the hotel lobby and led through a corridor to the spacious restaurant. The pricey menu was well worth the splurge after a long morning of exploring the city.  I tried the smoked salmon with horseradish potato mouse. It was honestly almost too pretty to it. The plate literally came smokin’! Everything about the meal and the place was magical and classy and everything a girl with expensive taste but a college student’s budget dreams of. If you’re ever in Bath looking to splurge or have your parents treat you to a meal, be sure to stop by and try their lunch or dinner menu! Check out their hours and menu here.

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