Borough Market

Donut worry, be happy!


I spent my fall semester of junior year of college abroad in London, aka the best four months of my life. Needless to say, I did a lot of food sampling while there. However, nothing could ever top Borough Market in Southwark.  What food are you craving right now? You name it, they have it. If I had an endless supply of money and I didn’t live all the way across town, I’d have been there every day. My favorite part was the crowd. Yeah, it was a tourist destination, but an overwhelming majority of the crowd was groups of coworkers and friends grabbing a bite and pint on their lunch break. Dressed up in their suits eating street tacos next to a family visiting from France, who were sitting next to a group of rowdy young Americans.  Everyone had their place, I could people watch for days. Then, I found the doughnuts. A humble booth made of two wooden foldable tables, run by three energized women ready to serve up sweet sweet diabetes in the form of spheres. The doughnuts come in three flavors at the stall; chocolate, berry, and vanilla. CAUTION, these tiny treats look harmless, but are oozing bombs on first bite. My top, hands, and face fell victim to the custard. But it was worth it, every bite. If you’re ever passing through London, be sure to add Borough Market on your list of destinations, and grab yourself a doughnut.  Check out more info on the market here.

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