The Vandal

Meetings are always better over breakfast.

Nestled in the Lawrenceville, one of the largest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, is The Vandal, a fresh farm-to-table restaurant offering breakfast, lunch, and a full coffee bar. It’s a hipster’s wet dream. Marble tables, high ceilings, wood floors, exposed brick…am I making you drool yet? We haven’t even discussed the food yet! I was treated to breakfast over a work meeting a few weeks ago, and had my first encounter with one of their classic breakfasts; the biscuit, ham, fried egg, cheddar, and greens, with a cup/never-ending-bowl of coffee for an extra pick-me-up. I don’t know if it’s just me, but something about a side salad is just so classy – and it makes the biscuit and ham combo seem slightly less glutenous – and it’s a damn smart way to cheaply fill up half a plate and charge ya for it.  Now if you’re like me and can’t make decisions like the grown-up that you are, The Vandal is the perfect breakfast spot because they only have four options on the menu. Rest assured, there’s something for everyone.  I will definetly be going back to try their lunch menu in the near future, which though daunting with its many more options, seems like it will be just as delectable as the breakfast pictured above. Check out their full menu and hours of operation here.

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